A Photoshop Tutorial - Fake Tilt Shift

• Which Photoshop tools did you use? Mask tool, gaussian blur, gradient tool
• What new skills did you use during this exercise? During this exercise I have learnt how to use the mask tool to edit specific areas of an image, and how to create a fake tilt shift effect on an image, making it look like a miniature scene.
• How happy are you with your final work? Why? I am not too impressed with the outcome of my work but I do not think it is terrible, either. I think that I should have blurred more of the image towards the top to make the effect look better. I also think that it would look better if I had chosen an image which was closer to the ground so that things such as cars and people were visible.
• How could you apply the skills you learnt here to future projects? I could apply the skill of using the mask tool to edit certain areas of a photograph in the future if I wanted to blur out, lighten, darker or colour certain areas of one of my photographs.

I followed this tutorial: http://visualphotoguide.com/tilt-shift-photoshop-tutorial-how-to-make-fake-miniature-scenes/